Kayaking Adventures

Kayaking Adventures

There is something truly liberating about paddling a kayak across a lake or down a river. When you are out on the water you cannot help but wonder what is around the next bend; what is down the river just out of site. Kayaking truly kindles the spirit of exploration and adventure.

We have access to many beautiful crystal clear lakes with spectacular mountain views where you can paddle our kayaks. Most of our guided adventures are driving distance from the San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento, Yosemite, and Lake Tahoe.

We provide the kayaks and life vests; you bring your spirit of adventure. It's best if you wear non-cotton cloths that dry quickly like synthetics.


  • $80 per person for 3 hour* kayak tours

  • $100 per person for 5 hour* kayak tours

*Actual times are estimated and may vary depending on physical ability of participants, tail conditions, break times, and other factors. Prices paid do not change if tour finishes sooner or later than expected.  

We generally take smaller groups out compared to most guide, outfitter, and adventure tour operators. This allows us to tailor a unique adventure experience that is right for your experience level and expectations.

Please contact us today to set up a kayak adventure tour.