Mountain Bike Tours

Guided Mountain Bike Tours

Mountain bikes are ideal for backcountry roads and trails. It is amazing how much distance can be covered in the back country on a mountain bike. Mountain bike adventures sooth the adventurous spirit and leave you with a feeling of exhilaration.

Our guided MTB tours solve three big issues:

  • Finding trails suitable for beginner and intermediate riders

  • Navigation where unmarked trails zig zag in every direction and maps are not accurate

  • We provide a mountain bike  

Many of our MTB customers want to try out mountain biking before they invest in their first mountain bike. Others, want to meet new people to ride with or explore new riding areas. 

Our guided mountain bike tours are ideal for those looking for beginner to moderate trail difficulty. More technical trips can also be arranged upon request. We'll take care of the trip planning, permits, logistics, and other details so you can focus on having a great adventure.

To participate in our MTB tours you must already know how to ride a bicycle, be comfortable shifting gears, have the desire to challenge yourself physically, and enjoy exercising.

What is included:

  • Quality hardtail front suspension mountain bike

  • Helmet

  • Experienced guide with Wilderness First Aid and CPR certification

What is not included:

  • Transportation to trailhead

  • Any parking costs

  • Snacks / Water


  • $80 per person for 3 hour* mountain bike tours

  • $100 per person for 5 hour* mountain bike tours

*Actual times are estimated and may vary depending on physical ability of participants, tail conditions, break times, and other factors. Prices paid do not change if tour finishes sooner or later than expected.  

 Driving Distance:

Most of our guided MTB tours are driving distance from the San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento, Yosemite, and Lake Tahoe. We generally take smaller groups out compared to most guide, outfitter, and adventure tour operators. This allows us to tailor a unique adventure experience that is right for your experience level and expectations.

Hardtail bikes:

We use hardtail mountain bikes with a front suspension fork. On the terrain that we ride, hardtail bikes transfer more peddling force to forward motion compared to full suspension bikes. Hardtail bikes still have a suspension fork in the front. Full suspension bikes are ideal for very rough bumpy terrain with lots of roots or rocks to ride over. Our beginner to intermediate tours generally don't go on trails where full suspension bikes are needed.

We are looking forward to sharing our passion for Mountain Biking with you.

Please contact us to schedule your adventure.